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Wed, Mar. 2nd, 2011, 11:08 am

I had a dream that I was exploring an abandoned building with a few friends. The place was full of furniture and junk. I was getting creeped out until I went into a small room that looked like it belonged in a hospital. There was a young cancer patient there with her family. They introduced themselves to me and then told me that their oldest daughter just won ANTM. She was staring sadly at her sick sister and couldn't care less about winning.

I left the room reluctantly because everyplace else was bathed in darkness. I met up with one of my friends and we decided to just run around and throw stuff. Some how we were making certain things explode. It was very fun.

This next bit is a kind of fuzzy, but after I left I was contacted by the guy who owned the building. (This ends up being the actor Jeremy Renner) He said while he's been renovating lots of strange things have been going on. He wanted to know if I felt the same or if he was imagining everything. I told him that I did feel a threatening presence there. It was like a heavy weight on my chest and a feeling like I wanted to die. He asked me to check it out again and help him reclaim the space.

I went back and so much had changed. A lot if the junk was removed and old rooms were close to livable. The hospital room was gone and the place felt fine and free of negative vibes. I was about to leave when I looked into the living room area. Before it was really chic 70s with a long white couch and lots of gold and crystal. Now it was styled more like a grandma's den.

I stepped up to the door way because I heard voices. There were about five life sized dolls talking to each other. They stopped and looked at me. The grandma doll started to talk to me about her grandson Jeremy. She thought he was doing such a good job at bringing her house back. The other dolls agreed. As she continued to talk I felt at ease. I wasn't afraid of these spirits. I was happy they were here for him.

As I went to leave one of the other dolls got up to hug me. I felt him near my neck and shrank away, but he only wanted to whisper in my ear. He told me that I needed to help Jeremy and that he shouldn't give up on the house. He then made me promise to protect him. I did and then left.

Apparently I worked for the government and had to detour to a scheduled meeting before I could call up Jeremy. I was in a dimly lit room full of long tables set out like a cafeteria. I roamed around while people took their seats, but I couldn't find mine. I figured they sent my meeting invitation by mistake and sat in the back of the room.

I took out a one sheet about Jeremy and his property. I flicked on a special light that reacts with biological evidence. The paper was covered in specks of blood. I sat trying to process my day.

As the meeting progressed my boss came over to ask if I had anything to contribute. I told her that I think I was invited by mistake because there was no chair for me. She said something blaming the fact that they use kids to mail the invitations.

I tried to hid the paper from her, but she noticed it anyway. She wanted to know the story. I told her that I thought Jeremy was being set up for something and maybe she could help me figure it out.

We went back to her office and I told her the whole story. I think the evil presence was either vanquished by me the first time I visited, or it is being silence by the grandma spirit. As Jeremy returns the house to it's former glory she's getting stronger. But we can't decide if this is good or bad. What will happen to him when the house is finished? Also, I'm falling in love with him.