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Tue, Feb. 9th, 2010, 11:26 am

I had a dream last night that I was Kate, from lost, and being put into custody at a working prison. I knew that if they succeeded I would never get justice. So I found an opportunity to escape and started stabbing everyone in my way. I got outside and was surrounded by many more people. As they slowly advanced on me, I started pulling a vine off the building while walking backwards. I was hoping to use the vine to swing down off something, but I didn't really know what I was going to find. I looked behind and it was a river/chute made of knitted yarn. I jumped in and slid back into the building. After many zig-zag turns I found myself in a room of miniature beds each with a cat and a pile of yarn. I thought about jumping onto another chute that had small cat coffins, but I was afraid that I was going to a crematorium. I made my way deeper and deeper into the ground searching for a way out. Then I woke up.

Mon, Feb. 8th, 2010, 01:07 pm

I had a dream last night that I was staying for a couple of summer weeks with a group of people that included Dixon, Torlando, Christina, and a young Sayid from Lost.

Sayid and I were flirty. We would purposefully not kiss, but get right to the line and stop ourselves like it was a game. Every time he started to cuddle me, he would stop and become very moody and distant.

I had to leave and go to church with Dixon and Torlando. I kept trying to sing along with the congregation but I didn't know the words so I was faking it. Zak was standing next to me at the church briefly. He looked very healthy and happy. I was confused and thought maybe nothing happened after all.

I had to help pick up after church while people left, but my thoughts were preoccupied with Sayid. In my head I heard Christina saying that we were so hot she could watch us try and kiss for hours. I imagined telling my parents I had made out with an Iraqi boy. They would be so annoyed.

My clothes ended up getting wet while cleaning so I took them off and rinsed my body off in the church. I came out of the bathroom wearing a really long dingy white towel placed almost like I was the Virgin Mary. Sayid was sitting on the couch and looked very upset. We stood in silence for a while until I asked him what he was thinking about.

He looked me in the eye and said, "You. I'm thinking about you. I don't feel like much unless I'm around you. I don't know what's the right thing to do." I didn't know what to say, so I started babbling on about how my past isn't what he might think and we could work. It was like I didn't think I was good enough for him, and here I am standing in this virgin get-up not accepting his confession of love for me. I felt like it was so fleeting and I had to try so hard to have him accept me even though I should have just let him talk and tried to kiss him because it was just a dream anyway. I woke up very annoyed.

Wed, Nov. 18th, 2009, 10:44 am

I had a dream I was visiting a punk house. Izzy & Hannah lived there with this asshole who wouldn't tell me his real name. He kept saying characters from film and books. I started going through the mail to find out, but got spooked. Hannah's room was more of an art studio/study because she didn't sleep there. She was leaving for the afternoon and left Izzy and I in charge of her space.

There was this four post bed with dark blue satin sheets and a litter of grey fluffy kittens. Above the kittens was a running faucet. I noticed that it was scalding hot water filling the bed. I asked Izzy if the cats were OK. She wasn't paying attention. Some of the cats were splotchy and missing hair. I didn't know if that was because of the hot water or if they had some kind of disease and were getting treated. They just kept crawling to the edge of the bed then slipping back into the water. I don't remember if I turned it off or not.

Tue, Sep. 22nd, 2009, 09:05 am

I had a weird Lost dream. We'd made a plane that flew underwater, and were being chased by something. As we evaded it we dove closer to the bottom of the ocean. We were getting dangerously close to some wreckage and were yelling at the pilot to start flying up. He was trying to get to the surface quickly, but it put too much strain on the plane and forced us to the bottom.

We crashed in what looked like a submerged town. We noticed we were in a bubble of some sorts because we could breath and move like normal. At first we thought the town was empty. While the others scavenged for food I picked up a wrapper and read the expiration date. It said 2005 and I drew everyone's attention to the fact that this place wasn't that old.

We came upon some people and cautiously explained our situation. The town had a mixture of young and old. We all assumed they had been living here for some time but wanted to assess everything before we asked for answers. I saw an open door with a young girl laying on a bed and a kitten cowering in the corner. I asked if I could hold the kitten and they said sure and mentioned they had one other cat in the town.

I was holding the cat when a wave of understanding hit me. How can they have a kitten if there is only one other cat. I looked around and realized that they were frozen in time. I got the group together to explain my theory, but we noticed that Locke wasn't around anymore. In my head I thought "This is a really weird season of Lost."

Next I was watching the elders of the town interrogate Locke. When he wasn't useful they beat him to death. I knew he wasn't dead because I've seen him in future episodes. They were trying to decide where to bury him when Locke opened his eyes and exposed vampire fangs. Because of the frozen time he couldn't heal himself and started to shrivel then slivered into a lady elders body.

Mon, Sep. 21st, 2009, 09:51 am

I've had a mixture of things happen in dreams lately. In one my house was haunted by this black vapor that was drawn to certain songs. Dave Walter was playing something that made the spirit fully form. I was really mad at him because instead of getting rid of it he made it stronger. Later I bought an $8 vegan cookie in NYC with Izzy. Then I was pregnant with a super natural baby. I wanted to get a portrait done and I was holding a 3" tall infant boy in a flowy dress. The next night I had an awful dream where I had to choose between being raped "nicely" or violently gang banged. I was looking up and asking the attacker to "please help me." Everything I said he would repeat back to me under his breath. It was very unnerving. Later I was solving an equation on a big chalk board and my ex-boyfriend's new wife came up to to help me. She was dress in aqua and put me at ease.

Wed, Aug. 12th, 2009, 09:05 am

I had a dream last night that I was on a moon safari. There was just enough atmosphere to breathe, so most of us had our helmets off. I kept wanting to see the dark side, but we didn't have enough time on our trip. When we were walking back to the ship I started noticing all these town houses and dark grey "trees." I asked the guide what they were, but he didn't understand me. I figured I was starting to hallucinate and decided to put my helmet back on.

Mon, Jul. 6th, 2009, 09:31 am

I had a dream that I ran outside to tell richrd I was going to be late for work because I had to cut John Leguizamo's hair.

Tue, Jun. 2nd, 2009, 09:34 am

I had two dreams that were different, but seem connected.

In the first one I was watching the show scrubs. JD had just found out his wife was having a baby. There was a commotion like an earthquake in his class room, and everyone got hurt. During it JD's nose started bleeding and he fell down way before anything happened. He looked at the camera and said "I think I have cancer."

This made me upset so I went for a walk. I ran into my friend Hannah Jones. [Real Fact: Hannah and I both dated my ex Mike] She could tell I had been crying, so I started to tell her what I just learned. In my head JD morphed into mike. I was so sad that he might die before ever seeing his baby. As Hannah and I walked she jumped and danced over potholes in the street.

In the second part I was walking from my apartment to someplace like work or school. My complex was shaped like a U. Usually I walked out of the end, but this time I noticed a little alley/break and walked through that. It came out on the cemetery side and as I looked out I saw foggy figures on horseback. They came towards me on the trail and became more and more solid. I thought "Wonder if I can always see them, but just haven't been looking."

One of the men on horseback smiled at me, and I became fascinated with all of them paying attention to me. There were so many different ghosts and I felt like I was for some reason blessed with sight and understanding. Live people started queuing up behind me and I laughed because they couldn't see them and were giving me the strangest looks for waving at nothing. I walked on through the crowd of spirits waving and soaking up all the different sub cultures.

The dream dissolved into me talking to people about ghosts and trying to find others who could see.

Tue, May. 19th, 2009, 11:53 am

I had a dream last night I was staying with friend and I noticed a lioness and her cub on the front lawn. She was larger than normal and had a tiny bear cub under her huge paw like she was toying with her food. I was scared and kept trying to call 911. But the phone I had was rickety and when it finally connected it sounded like a party line and I couldn't get anyone to answer me. I looked outside and watched them rolling around and playing. I was the only one in the house concerned.

Fri, May. 8th, 2009, 09:01 am

I had a dream last night that Nathan was a serial killer. I can't remember much but this one scene. I was visiting him at his last day at work. He had some really annoying office job that was stressing him out. When I walked in he was in his office with a woman. She was really quiet and sad. He was finishing up his paperwork, then he was going to kill her. I told him that he shouldn't and to just leave her. But he argued an said he was going to kill someone and it could either be this woman or one of the bureaucrats in his office.

He made me choose then I went off to bring him this lady that everyone in the office hates. I nervously asked her to follow me. She was really huffy about it. When we got to his office the blinds were down on the windows looking out into the hallway. I opened the door and let her in. Nathan had moved most of the furniture back and put stuff on the floor to make it easier to clean-up.

I shut the door, stepped some feet away, and stared at the blinds. Suddenly they were sprayed with bright red blood like gashes in the window. Then instantly I was in the room behind a ladder. The sprays continued until she fell. I stepped away and saw that my legs were covered in blood and the ladder had left a pattern. I felt sick looking at it.

Nathan was on the ground recuperating. He had a hard on and was embarrassed that I noticed. He got up and sat in a chair. As he sat there, I realized that this was only the beginning. He wasn't doing anything noble. He was getting off by killing and I was never going to be able to save him.

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