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Thu, Aug. 21st, 2014, 12:54 pm

I had a dream that I was in NYC with Lori and we needed to go to Old Navy to buy a friend some smaller shorts. We went down into the subway station and she gave me $3 to use for a Metro Card. I walked away to look for the right machine, but everything was arcade games. I asked a cashier where a Metro Card machine was, and he told me that they had removed them at this location for more arcade games. I sat there at the counter for a while talking through my options aloud. The next cashier said "I can't do this for myself, but I love doing it for other people." and he handed me a 40 day laminated transportation pass with art that was a collage of Rockette transvestites.

I went back to find Lori who is having a rousing conversation with several people from Bloomington. I show her my new card and tell her I've just had the weirdest 10 minutes. We use our cards, but instead of getting on the train we start going down a set of spiraling steps that lead to a courtyard. Across the stairs a woman calls my name and says she has a missing persons case for me. I suddenly realize that I can make a living in NYC by being an amateur sleuth. I look up at the woman again, except now she is a mannequin. I start to walk back up but realize that everyone is turning into mannequins. I run down the stairs screaming cause I know that's the reaction they expect. I escape the area just before I wake up.