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Thu, Apr. 18th, 2013, 02:00 pm
Gladiator Medieval Times Dream

I had a dream that I was in a strange building of some kind of college. It had been remodeled by this woman who use to teach dancing and such. There was only one Women's bathroom and it was a big single with a vanity and carpeted floor. I needed a necklace for some reason so I went into this large gymnasium where men were fighting on a stage fashioned like an old weapon room. I saw many amulets hanging on the back wall and started on to the stage. I immediately stopped because didn't want to disturb the men who were running through choreography. I hung back to wait and there was a very muscular wrestler waiting with me. I joked about how I almost ran on stage to get a necklace. He tried to keep the conversation but I wasn't paying much attention. When I said I was just waiting on a necklace he handed one he'd just made for me. I thanked him a lot and rambled on about needing a necklace to eat food but I didn't know why. He thought this was very funny and not weird at all.

I started to leave and he asked me to meet up with him after his shift. I realized that the place was like a gladiator Medieval Times. While we were talking a fan came up for an autograph. He helped her for a minute then gave her a business card. He then turned to me then placed several business cards and cash in my hand as a bribe to hang out with him. I told him I had to leave, and as I turned he patted my ass.

I left feeling flattered but creeped out. I didn't really know why this guy was hitting on me so hard when I'm never hit on. I was skeptical. I walked over to the fancy bathroom and looked in the mirror. I was wearing way over the top eye makeup on and fuchsia lips. My skin was green because of a face mask I'd slept in but forgot to take off. I speculated that maybe he thought I was wearing a costume and liked that?

I was about to wash my face when people started trying to get into the bathroom. This little girl barged in, and I started to yell at her for being rude. I let people come in while I tried to pick up the spilled contents of my bag. An older lady sat down on some of my Magic cards and they scattered. The lady apologized and tried to help me find them. When I stood up we weren't exclusively in a bathroom anymore. I was sorting everything on a table and this nerdy guy was there asking me about my Magic deck. He was cute and I flirted a little, but I was distracted by sorting the contents of my purse. I pulled out the money from the wrestler and wondered if I'd ever see him again.

Now the table was outside on a sidewalk in late evening. I was surround by friends hanging out in the grass by street light. While I was counting the wrestlers money, the nerdy guy stripped down to his underwear and started grinding against me from behind. I freaked out and yelled at him. He got really defensive and upset at me, then ran across the lawn and sat in the grass. I decided to go talk to him about his behavior and help him to understand why it was inappropriate.

He was crying. I talked to him about the whole thing and it seemed like he understood, but was still really upset. Then I saw a pale grey dragon walk up behind him. When I turned the nerd had become an injured white horse. The dragon began to bite the horse, but then a white tiger appeared to my right and attacked the dragon. Everything animal had slow, careful movements and the blood was very muted. I walked back to my friends stunned by what I had just seen.